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The IT specialists opinion regarding the IT infrastructure or projects generates more value,efficiency,capitalization.By benefiting the tehnological expertise of our IT specialists you will know for sure at level your IT infrastructure is, if it is profitable or not.

The first thing that our Haralampie Consulting specialists do is an expertise of your current IT infrastructure  and then they analyze the clients needs and determine the necessary services that must be done.

After the audit a report is presented that contains the findings and it propuses,if it is the case changes for building an infrastructure based on the needs of the organization.


A good information management is the key of a successfully business.Through a correct and efficient IT infrastructure administration the output is influenced in a positive way.The periodical IT infrastructure revisions lead to information loss avoidance, operation improvement and  a decreasing of firm activity disturbance because of the IT system.
The maintenance of an information system encounters software and hardware problems and it is less expensive then complete system recovery.

IT infrastructure improvement. sistemului informatic preintampina problemele de tip software si hardware care pot aparea si este mai putin costisitoare decat recuperarea sistemului in totalitate in cazul caderii lui.

Optimizarea infrastructurii IT. Verificarile periodice impiedica aparitia problemelor de orice fel, iar riscul perturbarii activitatii firmei scade considerabil.


Computers .Maintenance. Improvment. Service. We do all these services to prolong the life and the performance of your PC.

Operating system installation (Windows, Linux )

IT Solutions – used to reduce the time allotted to operating system installation.(ex. Windows installation takes about 2 hours and the our solution is 10 min if the previous  operating system was installed by us).

Eliminate viruses from the system

IT equipment

We deliver IT equipment  from our private partners  well known on the IT market so that our clients can concentrate on other problems.


Projection. Improvment. Administration through our experience we succeed on realizing a network to work at its omptimal parameters.An important network element is data security and data recovery in case of an accident.Thats why  we implement solutions that ensure data protection (antispam, antivirus, firewall, back-up)


We configure all kind of servers: mail, web, database, files, internet.
For the mail server we include an antispam program so that you wont receive mails that yout don’t need.
File server is used for data stocking.
Internet server (router) can limit user access to the internet (ex: users can access only some of the pages, needful for their daily activity.
The operating system used for servers is Linux.


Unforseen events that can provoke damage can appear anytime that is why we save all the data.
We can recover  any data from a computer or a server.


We provide technical assistance at the clients firm or through a program developes to assure assistance even if we are far away.The software we use reduces the time needed to arrive to the firm,allows to resolve the problem very fast and the productivity of the employees is not influenced.



We make project  based on the clients objectives,his needs using our specialists IT experience and innovation and also the latest technology.

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Received applications:

  • Web design according to the clients vision and objectives;
  • Software design adequate to different types of activities, adaptable to our clients needs and easy to use even by a user that has less PC knowledge.

  • Other IT applications.