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About Us

Haralampie consulting

Haralampie Consulting was established in 2004.In all this time we acquired the necessary  experience  in the IT business.We proved that we are competent, serious, professional and prompt.

To respond to all the requests we extended our activity (Braila, Constanta, Galati, Tulcea).

We invested time to understand better the objectives, visions and necesitys  of every client  because we respect every partnership and we try to come with something new and efficient everytime.

The IT solutions developed by our specialists were created to appease our  clients needs.

What characterizes us?

Seriousness and Professionalism
These characteristics represent the guaranty that our services and our products correspond to the highest standards.

Creativity and Performance
Creativity is the feature that brings uniqueness, innovation and the orientation to performance makes us the best at what we do.Our reputation is due to the benefits  brought to our collaborators and the satisfaction provoked by our results.

Trust and Respect
We trust that we can exceed a lot of barriers that why you can trust us.Respect brings respect and we respect our clients.

We have the desire and the power to finish what we propose:

  1. time efficiency
  2. project experience 
  3. satisfaction guranteed

Team work

Together we are the best.Succes is easier achieved when we work together.